How can you encourage your child to brush their teeth regularly?

Kids brushing teeth

Ring Ring !!! It’s morning. The time of morning is really delighted to every kid but they feel reluctant when it’s come over to their toothbrush. But it should not be ignored whereas elders need to create the importance of regular brushing toward their kids.

The daily brushing habit is the healthiest and agreeable habits that a kid could ever get habituated. The main purpose is not only to grow a healthy habit toward a kid, it’s much more. Think about a single day with an unhealthy mouth, it’s stinking like a bin and no one can start a good day by belonging from a stinking bin.

Marinating a healthy oral health means maintaining a healthy health regulation which protects the overall body conjunctions.    

Age of Kids for start brushing

Kids are just like clay. Whatever you will teach them they will keep following that accordingly. So the brushing age should be as early as they used to take food chewing by themselves. Before the age of 3 kids are obtain all the pair of teeth. So the proper time or maybe the learning period should be before the age of 3 when your kids image you as your role model to follow on.  

7 ways you can encourage your child to brush their teeth

  • By obeying their role model

Kids brushing teeth with parents

Kids are always used to follow their mom, dad or any other elders as their role model. In this regard, a role model can play an impressive part to make the kids get habituated of brushing their tooth every day and following the routine always whereas the role model present or absent.

  • Encouraging Features

Encouraging Features

Kids are always get satisfied by having delighting offers. In terms of brushing you can give variety offers like proving them brushes as per their favorite color or their favorite cartoon characters printed on the brush surface.

Sometimes you also can show them how the brushes can work to save their tooth from damages and how their brush can fight against the germs like a superhero of his imagination.

  • Encouraging story

Sometimes an imaginary story character can bare a huge impact on the senses of kids. An ideal story character can make an ideal convention inside your children, but you need to function that ideal character with those ideologies which you prefer and bushing should be one of the ideal characters.  

  • Instruct little children regarding WHY teeth require be brushed

You may have missed the chance to begin the propensity early, or maybe your kids are as yet not upbeat to have a brush in their mouth. For some children, teaching them on the significance of teeth brushing can have a major effect.

Clarify it in wording they can comprehend, influencing it to age appropriate. You may even need to request that the dental specialist give them an exhibit at the follow-up time.

  • Rewarding the children

Rewarding kids

Who don’t like the rewards? Especially kids are fond of having rewards. The rewards can be both tangible and intangible. In terms of tangible reward, it can be the most lighter things that the kid like to have every day, on the other hand, the intangible reward could be a story or maybe a place where the kid like to visit once in a week.

Sometime the reward could be some extensive worlds that the kids fond to hear from their mom and dad such as “I am proud of you” or “You are the best”.

  • Setting Expertise Steps

This would be a conditioned attitude toward your kid to encourage them for regular brushing. Setting expertise steps will contain some milestone where you promise your kid to update their regular brush exchange with some other updated one if he can prove him/her selves as an expert and routines tooth brushier.

  • Change the flavor or try Different Toothpaste

Kids are usually getting bored and exhausted by having the same taste daily. In this regard, parents need to understand the sentiment of their kid and often should change the flavor of their toothpaste. It will be more effective if they can add toothpaste as per the favorite color of their kids.

Some free tips

Parents should follow-up some very sensitive points regarding their kids’ toothbrush like the size, softness and the grip of the bristles. The variation of the toothbrush should be changed time to time.

And the most important matter is to have regular follow-up with your concerning dentist at least twice a year.  You must set the brushing routine pleasantly so that the brushing time turn into a fun time for your kid.


  • What kind of Brush should be used for babies’ teeth for the first time?

Babies usually have softer gum-line than adults so; in terms of selecting a brush for the baby, the parents should be more alert. They can take any soft-bristled toothbrush with a small head, preferably one designed specifically for infants should be used at least once a day at bedtime or maybe once at morning.

  • How often the baby’s brush should be changed?

According to the dentists and specialized suggestion, both adults and children should change their brush after every 3 months. Usually, the manual brushes worn out and are not as effective as they once were. If you are supposed to have an electric toothbrush for your baby that would be more long lasting probably for 6 months. But if your baby has any other oral disease the toothbrush preferably to change every 5 to 6 weeks.

  • Is that flossing necessary for children?

Kids using water flosserChildren are used to having various kinds of food every day. They actually can’t realize what stuck inside of their tooth whenever they having their food. As a result, the stucked foods get rotten and spelled its bacteria’s inside their mouth which is the main reason of oral diseases. So flossing at least once a day according to the need is necessary to keep your kids’ oral health better and free of diseases.


It doesn’t matter how do you receive or provide the message of brushing to your kid but the important thing is to install great oral hygiene habits that will last for the lifetime.  Eventually, as with any chore, you want to inspire, praise your kids when they do it, particularly when they do it with the correct strokes and for two solid minutes.

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