Privacy policy

Our customers’ satisfaction and safety are our main priorities. Therefore, our blog has a very strict set of privacy policies for the safety concerns of our clients.

Personal Information:

To begin with, we do not take, sell or share any private information of our customers for any personal use. We are only concerned with their email addresses for newsletter purposes and replying to any of their complaints or concerns via comments or email.

We should also mention that our authentic affiliated websites with our blog have their own set of privacy policies, so please read them before visiting their sites. We do not share or exchange any information about customers with them or any other third party for any personal or commercial purposes.

Browser cookies:

We have Browser Cookies, which are basically unique codes sent to the server sending information about which site has been visited by the customers the most and remember their IP addresses, creating a log file. It does not give any further personal information regarding the customers. This software basically helps to track down the preferences of the customers, which page or website has been clicked the most and find out the least favorite areas of the website.

This is done to ease the pathways of the future customers, advertising the most visited areas, also improving the areas least visited.

Legal Declaration:

We are only to share the information about customers if legally bound, or any actions to be taken against any misconduct.

For further information, please contact us right away.